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And we’re live

Irene Møller Jewelry website launchCome celebrate the new Irene Møller Jewelry site

It’s been an exciting last few months and I’m thrilled to announce that my new web shop is now live. You can visit it by clicking this lovely link:

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To get your free shipping use the code LAUNCH when making your purchase. Offer lasts until 20 May 2015.

Happy shopping!



thanksmom - Mothers Day 2015

Just a friendly reminder that Mother’s day is only a few days away – more specifically, it’s on Sunday. Which means it’s soon but there’s still time.

Whatever you’re planning for Mother’s Day this Sunday doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s a day about celebrating your mother and motherhood. Happy celebrations.


Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2015 banner with Judy earrings

It’s that time again to celebrate our mum’s. I should remember to do this more often, and see this day as kind of a reminder of it.

Having lived in a few different countries I always get confused about mother’s day because it’s not the same in all countries. For those of you who have the same problem, mother’s day in 2015 is on March 15th in the UK, and on May 10th in the US.

You’d think that other Europeans would followed the UK date, but actually the date varies so much by country that the best overview I can give can be found here: Mother’s Day on Wikipedia

I started this post thinking I would give a quick and helpful overview, but I sure didn’t realize that to answer the question would be this complicated.

As I started out by saying, we should celebrate our mum’s all year round, and it looks like that’s exactly what the world is doing when the date falls anywhere from January to December depending on where you come from :)

Spreading some love

I know you’ve probably heard it from me before if you’re a regular reader of my blog, but I love sharing some Etsy love and showing off the wonderful treasuries my fellow etsians have curated.

This week my favorite is this one from Natalya and Dmitry Kotenko. It’s called Great gifts#33 and has a lot of inspiring gift ideas. I especially love the South Park crochet toys!

Great gifts#33 treasury on Etsy

Thank you for including my green leather ear posts named Zoe after my good friends daughter.